Vision Statement:

 Hearts and hands to the world;

 Open to all;

 Pathways for finding God;

 Empowering change.

Connect With Us:

 Worship: Sunday at 9:30 AM 

 Address: 2203 South 3rd Ave

 Phone Number: 641-752-5104

 Office Hours: 9:00a-12:00p / 1:00p-4:00p

 Office open Monday through Friday

Mission Statement:

 The Mission of the United

 Methodist Church is to make

 disciples of Jesus Christ for the

 transformation of the world.

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Wherever you are in your faith journey, Hope United Methodist Church welcomes and affirms all persons without regard to any thing which threatens to divide God’s family.  We are a caring church; we commit ourselves to loving acts of invitation, hospitality and reconciliation, providing ministry to, for and with all persons.

We have lived in the neighborhood for years. We love the view of the church property and have enjoyed attending activities and events at Hope. It has been a joy to hear children playing on the church property

Hope Neighbor

As a sponsor to one of the Ukraine families who moved to Marshalltown, I want to thank Hope UMC for the assistance they have provided to us in the process of helping our Ukraine family. 

Ukraine Sponsor

I believe having a church family is important. We started here when we moved to Marshalltown. We had heard good things about Hope and felt welcomed right away. We liked it here and never felt the need to check out other churches. It’s our extended family.  

New Resident

Thank you for your desire to make a difference for children in the middle of Africa. With your help, Jonathan’s House is changing lives and bringing hope in a part of the world that is often forgotten and ignored. Your donation, prayers and encouragement make a world of difference.

Jonathan's House

I want to thank Hope Church for your free pantry. It has been a blessing to our family. It has made a difference to us. 

Woman at the Pantry

I want to thank your church members for all the help and donations to our MCC students (especially international students). Your donations have been appreciated. Many students arrive and find that they have nothing of personal use or even a glass to drink water. When they visit the Tiger Vault, they solve small but important problems. Many of their first comments are “Thank you God, one less thing to worry about”, and some have said “This is well because my pillow & my sheets did not fit in my suitcase!”

MCC students