11-3-18 Today we embark on something new on our Hope website. A blog is born! Every couple of weeks we will publish a blog on a topic we feel drawn to share. We hope that the blogs will challenge, encourage and help you reflect on your own personal faith journey. I’m a bit nervous. What do I have to share that is worth reading about, but here goes.

11-3-18 The Ministry of Laity
Last Saturday, I attended the Mission and Vision Workshop at Hope UMC. The leader reminded us that the Mission of all United Methodist Churches is to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”. In other words, all of us, not just the paid staff, are called to share the good news of Jesus Christ so all people will have the opportunity to know Christ, his love and to understand the salvation his death brings. There’s an urgency to that mission. There are people around us who don’t know Christ and if we don’t share our faith and his story, they may never know.

Recently, I participated in a Lay Servant Training through the United Methodist Church. I attended because I felt God tugging me to learn more, and to find a different way to share my faith. At the training, I came to understand that the laity, which includes me and you, have an important role in the ministry of our church. We are on the front lines every day – in our homes, at our jobs, in our neighborhoods and at our church. Church is not just about coming to hear the music or the sermon on Sunday. We are to move beyond our church walls and share the love of Christ. All God’s people in all places, at all times, are called to Love and Serve (Lay Servant Ministries: Basic Course, S. Jackson and B. Jackson).

Whoa, after saying all this, it makes me stop and think. What will God ask of me? Am I ready to take the steps that God calls me to walk? Should I tell the readers what I told God a few months ago? If I share my story with you, I might actually have to live into it. I guess this is where the trust in God part comes into action.

Last Spring, while praying in the sanctuary during the Healthy Church Initiative workshop, I sat down on the steps of the alter, and asked God to help me learn to trust and follow his will in my life. I don’t know what I expected but a calm came over me and I knew that I’d made the right decision. I don’t have a clear indication about what God has planned for me but I’m trying to listen for his voice in my inner thoughts and trust that He will show me the way.

As I close this blog, I want to share 2 Peter 2: 9-10 from the Message. ” But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God’s instruments to do his work and speak out for him, to tell others of the night and day difference he made for you – from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.” How can we be an instrument in God’s work? What will you do to share your faith today?