Is there room in your heart and in your life for Jesus? Are you prepared for the King?

Here are some reflections from the book, “Why This Jubilee? by James Howell.

On Christmas Eve, we ponder the birth of Jesus Christ in quiet reverence and sing “Silent Night”. We feel the peace that was present on that holiest of nights. We also rejoice and raise our voices to sing “Joy to the World” which includes the invitation, “Let every heart prepare him room”. Here we are with only a few short days before Christmas. Do we still have time to prepare him room?

What Jesus wants from us is an answer to the knock, an opening of the door and room for him to come into our hearts and our lives. Do we hear the knock? Can we pause long enough to listen and be bold enough to pray, ” Lord, I am listening. Help me make room for you every day.”

Imagine what it was like for Mary and Joseph to stand near the manger in silence to look, to wait, to trust. Can we take Jesus into our hearts and love him without hesitation as we would a newborn child or grandchild?  God came to us as a vulnerable child in need of care. Mary and Joseph held God in the flesh, gazed into his eyes, smiled at him, rocked him and fed him. This year, let us turn within and find the face of Jesus and hold him close, in our hearts.

God’s Word, the Bible, just like God himself, should always be carried in our hearts but how do we do that? We begin by reading the Bible even if it’s for a few minutes. As we read, listen to Jesus’ tender heart, His tender voice. Ask Jesus to help you connect to His heart as you read. Invite Jesus to live in your heart and become a part of you.

Do you want to connect with Jesus today? Why not sit down, read His word, and listen for His voice. Perhaps the greatest gift we could give ourselves and one another would be to block out some time to quiet our hearts and minds, and to hear the Lord whisper, ” Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46: 10).

Have you made room for Jesus in your heart and life? It is never too late. I pray that we will be bold in asking God to help us make room in our hearts for Him everyday?