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Hearts and hands to the world; Open to all; Pathways for finding God; Empowering change.

H – Hearts and Hands

O – Open

P – Pathways

E – Empowering


The Mission of the United Methodist church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


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At Hope United Methodist Church, disciples are followers of Christ who choose to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ that progresses throughout their lifetime. It begins with questioning, longing, and experimenting with the idea of our need for a savior (seeker). It then moves into a relationship with Jesus (follower). Then, throughout our lives, we move into a deeper relationship with Jesus (disciple).

This journey is done primarily in three ministry areas. We have chosen to call these Connect, Grow, and Serve.

Connect ministries include anything in which the primary purpose is to build relationships with God and with each other. These include worship, small groups, social events, etc.

Grow ministries include anything in which the primary purpose is to learn more about God, faith, and the Christian journey. These include Sunday School, Bible study, small group studies, Vacation Bible School, etc.

Serve ministries include anything in which the primary purpose is to participate in ministries that help others. These include mission trips, service days, preparing meals for the homeless, church cleaning days, giving, etc.

We affirm that disciples should participate in ministries in all three of these areas. In addition, as our faith deepens, our level of commitment to each of these areas will also increase. Therefore, we have developed a chart that includes the three focus areas, as well as three deepening levels of commitment. This chart is meant as a guide to further our faith journey and to give us an idea of ways to take the next step on the discipleship journey. 

                                                         PATHWAYS FOR FINDING GOD










~Attend worship

~Participate by singing, praying, etc.

~Come to a meal event or social activity

~Pray on your own

~Meet the pastor

*Visit a Sunday School class

*Participate in a short-term small group

*Attend a United Methodist Women event

*Read scripture or devotions

*Explore what it means to be a part of Hope UMC

+Give to a mission project or special offering

+Give to the weekly offering

+Participate in a church or community mission, such as ingathering, food pantry, house of compassion, clean-up day



~Get baptized

~Become a member; confirmation

~Participate by greeting, ushering, reading, special music, projection or sound

~Host the fellowship time

~Pray daily and with others

~Invite other people to worship

~Welcome new people


*Help with Vacation Bible School

*Attend Sunday School weekly

*Participate in an ongoing small group

*Read scripture/devotions daily

*Recognize spiritual gifts or passions

*Invite people to small groups

+ Pledge to giving regularly to the offering

+Go on a short-term mission trip

+Serve in a ministry according to your gifts or passions

+Invite people to serve



~Give a testimony or give a sermon

~Become a visitation minister

~Lead prayers

~Commit to attend worship regularly

~Mentor new people

*Teach/lead a class or small group

*Take a spiritual retreat

*Attend School for Lay Ministry or Lay Servant

*Read through the Bible in a year

*Explore a call to vocational ministry

+Increase your weekly giving toward the goal of tithing

+Go on a week-long mission trip

+Start a new ministry

+Become a lay minister or lay servant

+Respond to a call for vocational ministry