Healthy Church Initiative

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The conversation teams met in late August to review the ideas shared by the Hope community during the conversation visits.  Over the summer, 295 family units were assigned to 16 visitor teams.  At last count, 160 visits with family units were completed. Those who did not participate were inactive members, those whose health prevented them from contributing, those who did not want to participate, and those who did not respond after repeated attempts. The teams felt the conversations were well received and that members were grateful for the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams for Hope UMC.

The following is a summary of the ideas shared.  These comments and suggestions do not indicate any plan of action at this point.  The conversation visits are only the first step in a major process.

When asked, “Why are you a part of Hope UMC?”, members shared that they feel Hope is welcoming and friendly, has a mission focus, is the church in their neighborhood, is the right size, they like the Pastor, their friends or family attend here, they agree with the theology, there is a sense of family, and Hope is a church with diversity.

Members shared that if there were one thing they could change at Hope, they would want more young people and families, a change in service time, more publicity about our finances, softer music or changes to the music, more small groups, more ministries that reach out into the community, upgrades to the building (kitchen, Sunday School rooms, entryway), a contemporary worship service, more sensitivity to our aging members, upgrades to our audio/ visual equipment, and no changes at all.

Members shared that they want our community to say that Hope UMC is caring, welcoming, friendly, accepting of all, mission/ outreach focused, Christ centered, involved in the community, filled with inspiring music, reaching children through Wonderful Wednesdays, and not New Hope Christian Church.

When questioned about what they would like to see Hope UMC doing in 5 years, members envision us talking more about Jesus and how he would react to what’s going on today, helping the immigrants, elderly, poor and young families, improving our kitchen, using our land to the west of the church, marketing our church, growing our membership, providing activities that promote interaction, reaching out to our neighborhood, building diversity in our congregation, providing more worship service options, and upgrading our audio/visual system.

So, what’s the next step for the Healthy Church Initiative?  HCI is supporting the Simple Church book study.  It’s not too late to join a group, learn together, and build community as we vision for the church.


Follow the links below to view the Powerpoint Presentations showing the collection of responses to each of the questions asked by the Healthy Church Initiative family visits.

Healthy Church Initiative ConversationsQ1

Healthy Church Initiative Conversations Q2

Healthy Church Initiative Conversations Q3

Healthy Church Initiative Conversations Q4